May 30 • 1M

Is Marijuana Addiction Real? - Factory Settings 33

Bridget & Jeren talk about the reality of marijuana addiction


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Bridget Phetasy
Jeren Montgomery
Factory Settings is a podcast exploring politics, culture, relationships, mental health, addiction, and media, through the lens of how our built-in biases affect the way we consume information and form opinions. New episodes will launch bi-weekly. Episodes will remain open to the public for 2 weeks and then go behind the paywall.
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Bridget Phetasy and her co-host/husband Jeren Montgomery, a licensed marriage & family therapist, talk about marijuana addiction. They recall their first experiences with weed, their various levels of addiction to it - Bridget being a full-time stoner and Jeren who could take it or leave it - having stoner pride, yet marijuana addiction was laughed at i…

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